Thursday, 27 November 2014


Hi, guys!

So it's been a while. I'm attempting to make this blog regular again.

This autumn/winter, I took part in two art markets that were in the beautiful Leeds Corn Exchange.
I hadn't done art market stalls in a long while and I remembered why I love it so much- the atmosphere, the buzz when you make a sale, speaking with fellow stallholders, sharing tips and advice.. I always finish an art market feeling very inspired.

I did two weekends- one run by UniqueGiftFairs on the 15&16 November, and the massive Showcase Spectacular, run by the JuJu Agency on the 22&23 November.

Unique Gift Fairs:

I did this fair with my friend Sapphia, who does beautiful oil pastel drawings/prints. There were many beautiful stalls at this small, but great event.

Myself with my share of the table.

My cushions and greetings cards.

A close up of the cushions.

Showcase Spectacular:

This was the first art market where I've done a stall all by myself. It was very daunting, pretty nerve-wracking, but so worth it. Luckily I had a table next to Nicola Hanrahan who I've met at a similar art market before, and a couple more of my friends were involved in the event, so I was glad to have familiar faces with me!

This event was brilliant. There was art stalls, exhibitions, performance art, live music, and even a visit from a lovely owl. I sold out of almost all of my cushions, and my woodland prints went down a treat! I was also able to bring my latest product to this table- my geometric screen-printed tea towels. 

A view of my table.

The new tea towels- 100% cotton, screen-printed, with a recycled card sleeve. 

Handmade cushions.

The fairs were so much fun, and I intend to do a lot more from the next year. I have many ideas of new things I want to try, and new products I want to make! All the latest will be updated right here.


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