Thursday, 27 November 2014

New: Tea Towels

Hi guys!

So in my last post I briefly mentioned that I now have TEA TOWELS on sale. I got these made by the lovely guys at Awesome Merch and I am absolutely in love with them.

They are screen-printed onto white 100% cotton, folded neatly and held together in a recycled brown card sleeve. Available in burgundy or in blue.

To check these out as well as my other products, please click here.


Hi, guys!

So it's been a while. I'm attempting to make this blog regular again.

This autumn/winter, I took part in two art markets that were in the beautiful Leeds Corn Exchange.
I hadn't done art market stalls in a long while and I remembered why I love it so much- the atmosphere, the buzz when you make a sale, speaking with fellow stallholders, sharing tips and advice.. I always finish an art market feeling very inspired.

I did two weekends- one run by UniqueGiftFairs on the 15&16 November, and the massive Showcase Spectacular, run by the JuJu Agency on the 22&23 November.

Unique Gift Fairs:

I did this fair with my friend Sapphia, who does beautiful oil pastel drawings/prints. There were many beautiful stalls at this small, but great event.

Myself with my share of the table.

My cushions and greetings cards.

A close up of the cushions.

Showcase Spectacular:

This was the first art market where I've done a stall all by myself. It was very daunting, pretty nerve-wracking, but so worth it. Luckily I had a table next to Nicola Hanrahan who I've met at a similar art market before, and a couple more of my friends were involved in the event, so I was glad to have familiar faces with me!

This event was brilliant. There was art stalls, exhibitions, performance art, live music, and even a visit from a lovely owl. I sold out of almost all of my cushions, and my woodland prints went down a treat! I was also able to bring my latest product to this table- my geometric screen-printed tea towels. 

A view of my table.

The new tea towels- 100% cotton, screen-printed, with a recycled card sleeve. 

Handmade cushions.

The fairs were so much fun, and I intend to do a lot more from the next year. I have many ideas of new things I want to try, and new products I want to make! All the latest will be updated right here.


Thursday, 9 May 2013


Long time no blog!

So recently I took part in a craft fair that supported the Time To Change Leeds charity. Organised by Mindy Goose (, there was a range of fine art works exhibited for sale at the Hedley Verity Wetherspoon pub in Leeds (which you can still have a look at and purchase!) as well as a little fair on the day.

I used this as an opportunity to introduce a range of greeting cards for sale for the first time, and I got some really nice feedback- thank you so much to those who bought one!

I got asked wether I would be selling these online, so there's a little range available on my online shop!

Hoping to take part in more arty events in Leeds! Next time I'm hoping to have my cushion designs into production!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So it's official; I'm a graduate of Leeds College of Art!
I still live in Leeds, so it was so great to see my friends return to Leeds for graduation and to catch-up.
I was the very last person in the ceremony to collect my award, which was very nerve-wracking.. but such a good weekend!

I'd taken a bit of a break from designing, but seeing everyone again has inspired me!

Left- Emma-Jane Sowerby ( and to my right: Hollie Mcneil (link soon!)


Friday, 22 June 2012


This was my space at the 'Revealed' End of year show at Leeds College of Art. The opening night went extremely well and it was amazing to see so many visitors coming to see the show.

I digitally printed 4 fabric drops which were 2.5 metres each in length, and also exhibited cushions I had sewn myself (complete with little logo tags!) as well as fabric samples, files and screen-prints.

I have had the best three years at Leeds College of Art and if any people looking at my blog are considering the Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design BA(Hons) course I could not recommend it enough. It is an amazing experience!

Here's hoping my design career continues to be this much fun :)


Tuesday, 22 May 2012


A quick post to say there will be more blog posts soon. It's the final stretch of my degree, so I have been very busy getting everything together! The latest will be posted here asap.


Saturday, 12 May 2012


Let me know what you think!