Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Great Northern Craft Fair

So today, I ventured into Manchester alone (most people I knew were too busy) to check out The Great Northern Craft Fair at Spinningfields. I managed to get there okay, armed with a £1 map of Manchester from the train station.

It consisted of two huge marquees in the center of Spinningfields, one containing accomplished artists and makers and the other displaying work by talented graduates. I found the larger tent with the artists in more interesting. It was kinda inspirational to see how people who already have their own art and craft businesses run them, and how they displayed their work. It was all quite expensive...but interesting to look at nonetheless.

Here are some people I thought were great and might be interesting to you guys:

"&made" Made really nice knitted and handsewn goodies.
"Kate Almond Paper And Ceramics" Made nice ceramic decorated jugs etc.
Sarah Morpeth . made beautiful paper cut artworks.
Catharine Hammerton designs printed and embroidered textiles, as well as wallpaper.
Helaina Sharpley made really interesting wirework art.
Teresa Green I loved her quirky printed fabrics.

So check those out if any of them interest you : ) had a moment where I accidentally picked up a postcard for sale that I thought was a business leaflet and got in trouble with that maker... business cards etc should be more clear!


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