Thursday, 17 June 2010


Summertime. Mostly I've been chilling and hanging out with friends from back home and having some awesome times. But today I got back into the habit of trawling through design blogs and stuff , especially Canadian design blog 'Poppytalk' (, and I felt like typing a little. At the moment, I'm kinda annoyed with myself, as looking at inspiring stuff makes me want to doodle and draw and I don't have a notebook. Guys, always carry notebooks !

I forgot I hadn't posted my final piece from my last project, and left this at the point where I was making the foamboard 'prototypes'! I wanted to use woodwork, so I managed to nab some wooden veneer from the woodwork studio. Due to it being thin slices of wood, I could easily screenprint onto shapes of it. I wanted to then fix these to MDF or something to make it pop out more and become more 3D, but I wasn't too good with time management this time around. It left the final piece looking a bit flat, but I want to do more wooden wall pieces like this so I have room to get better at it in the future.

 Paper screen

The test piece

leaf border print

plaque print

crying deer print

The three main printed veneers

all put together with a bright bold teardrop

Maybe some more work over the summer : )


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