Thursday, 18 March 2010


Today , I was looking through some old photos on my friends' profile, and I was really suprised to see a couple of pictures that she had taken of my old GCSE art exhibition, back in 2006 ! I never had any photos of it, so it was a cool thing to see and remember. Back then, it was pretty much looking at artist work and replicating it; the personal creativity was kind of restricted.

I'm the most proud of the textile fish print on the left hand side. In high school, we didn't have screenprinting, so it was done using stencils cut out of acetate and pressing acrylic paint through these stencils using old sponges!

One of my best canvas paintings. It was a copy of an artwork about a paticular aboriginal story.

I found these pictures really wierd compared to my second ever exhibition; my Final Major Project work done in Suffolk College in June 2009. Our National Diploma was much more creative, and I learned a lot about my own style and individuality as an artist.

My work was based on Native Canadian folklore; and I created two large wall pieces which were built up from layers of hand cut MDF shapes, which I then decorated and fit together. They were really heavy! Around them are test pieces that I cut and put together out of foamboard.

I think it's really interesting just how much your work changes over time.

Amy x

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  1. I know what you mean! I cringe at my GCSE stuff. And it was definitely limited, I hate that they teach you to copy artists styles!
    I don't like my work from ND1 now... I've started to cut it up to use for collage xD
    Interesting post. :3