Friday, 12 March 2010


So today I went into the Leeds University Parkinson building to check out the International Artists Book Fair. Students from our course were submitting their books from the previous project to sell at the Leeds College of Art stand, but you can't really open my artist book, so there wasn't much point for me! Anyway I was really suprised and inspired by the huge amount of awesome stuff that was for sale at the various stands there and you could also chat straight to the artist who did the work, which was cool.

Here are the few things I picked up at the fair.

This is by 'Memo Says Hi' ( . I thought it was pretty cute, and it was good to use for my new mug;

So it was a good buy haha.

Also, I picked up this cute wollen mittens print. But because there's only a signature, I don't know who this is by..

Detail close up :


And I also got a nautical style poster from the Leeds College of Art Graphic Design stand. This poster was awesome!

It's about A2 size. I wonder if I can find an A2 size frame...


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