Thursday, 28 January 2010


I'm not talking gobbeldy gook, honest.

I am a huge fan of Jack conte ( and he also has a music project with his girlfriend Nataly called Pomplamoose ! ( . Their video songs are amazing, you should definately check this one out if you have 5 minutes :

But whats that got to do with art ? Well technically, music is a form of art...and they're so awesome I had to blog it ! And they have shirts currently selling from a company called A Mystery In Common ( ).

I really like their shirts- they do what I hope to do with my art if it takes off anywhere, and thats to use eco friendly stuff - they use organic materials and inks and the shirts look really cool ! My huge favourite design is at the top of the post (I can't figure out how to move it down here to go with the writing..) and theyre only $25 (£15). Don't want to know how much the postage would be though. :O
blog later :)

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